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FM15 Best Wonderkids List

List of Wonderkids in FM 2015 FM15

FM 2014 Best Staff - 5-star Coaches List

5 Star Coaches - FM 2014Football Manager 2014 - Best Coaches , Top Staff , 5 star coaches 
The list of best coaches in football manager 2014.

FM15 Best Staff 5-Star Coaches

Football Manager 2015 Best Staff,  5-Star Coaches Best FM2015 Goalkeeper Coaches

FM 2015 High & Negative Potential Ability Players U21 (spoiler!)

FM2015; High and Negative PA Players list (U21)
U21,  -9, -10 and 150+ Potential Ability Youngsters / Wonderkids List
! spoiler !

FM 2014 Free Players - Free Agents List (Part 2)

Football Manager 2014 Best Free Players List (updated)FM 2014 Free Players List PART 2 -( MC - MRL-AMC-AMRL- ST)

This is a list of all the best free transfers in fm 2014, very huge list includes only the best free agents, contract free players (more than 700 with the new update) . There are a few duplicates so please ignore them i ll remove them in the next update. 

Football Manager 2014 Best Free Players List (updated list)