Football Manager Addictedness Rating List

Football Manager Addictedness Rating List

  • Turning your underwear inside out saves on washing 
  • Time to order another takeaway pizza 
  • I can give up this game whenever i like. Just dont want to yet... 
  • Sleeping is for Sissies 
  • I think I should include Football Manager on my CV
  • It's not really addictive, I just can't stop playing... 
  • I am now a Football Manager expert 
  • This is my life and I'll do what I want with it
  • Time to change your underwear 
  • Lacks match practice. 
  • A week is long time in football 
  • Real Football Managers don't need Food 
  • Remember to call work and ask for more sick leave 
  • What are humans? 
  • No-one can accuse you of a lacking commitment 
  • Your Relationship has expired 
  • I'm starting to get into this... 
  • Repetitive Strain Injury anyone? 
  • Remember to call your family and ask for more sick leave 
  • You just put the game on holiday to see these messages, didn't you? 
  • Remember, eating gives you the strength to keep on playing. 
  • Nothing to see here, move along... 
  • Just one more game
if you have more i ll add to the list :) and also there is a poll at the bottom of the site....


  1. Wow,
    This is what i've been looking for. Can i share it in my Blog ?

    But can you give information about how long to get for each rating ?(days hours minutes)

  2. Sega has consummated the recipe to make overseeing soccer groups convincing and to a great degree addictive. Football Manager Players


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